… and as I looked around, I lost the time … yet the experience stayed!

Like the beating of a clock….
The ticking of its hands…

photo by ren

My days now meld…

100_7121.JPGphoto by ren

into non-linearity…

photo by ren

where time won’t take a stance.

Copy of 100_7120.JPG
photo by ren

Rather than counting the minutes,
nor-not even each day…..

photo by ren

…my ‘concept’ expands and
I count the weeks away….

Not even the weeks…..
hold my attention,
these days…

photo by ren

For time is an illusion,
An illusion which grants us
our 3-D 
experience on earth….

Certainly you can relate,
to this feeling…
to the sensation…
of non-time

For I know-not, what other words 
to write now….

…for NOW is truly,
all we ever have.

Look at the clock…
What time is it?

It is NOW!
Always was 
Always will be!

photo by ren

There is not a tomorrow….
nor yesterday,
per say.

They are but mere illusions,
that fade away…

…allowing us
our experience

on Earth.

… for it is only

that is real…
which we

photo by ren

Thank you….ren


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