Do you recognize this?


Not the picture, silly… the quote:


“Contrary to popular thinking,
being worthy
isn’t something
you earn,
it’s something
you recognize.”

~~ Mike Dooley


I feel these words are so very true.

I came from a belief that I was not worthy.
How could I be?
I was no one special.

Certain gifts or
complements that I’d receive or
situations that arose,
caused me to feel uncomfortable, and
perhaps unworthy of such gestures…..

Words would come forth, such as…
“For me? I don’t deserve that!”

I felt I was not worthy.

I was just a simple girl
with no grandness in the scheme of things.

As time went on,
l learned to love me!
I discovered more of
who I really am.

My eyes have opened….
I now can recognize,
I am worthy.

thank you,





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