The ad which encouraged me….

It was about 4 years ago,
on a wintry day in Michigan,
when I was helping a friend
pack some items for storage.

As we were wrapping breakables in newspaper,
a huge ad caught my attention.
I cut it out and took a picture.


I knew this was a ‘sign’,
to follow my dream of
moving to Colorado.

Years before this,
my heart had been calling me to Colorado.
I knew it was a place
I had to go.

At least, that is what I thought.

In the early fall of 2016,
“circumstances” arose, (read about it here)
which ‘forced’ me
out of my Michigan home.

“Everything for a reason”, I always say!

I took advantage of being out of a home
and headed west,
for Colorado.

However…I should have
reread that ad….
for it had read,
“Go West
A new life is out there

As beautiful as Colorado was,
I kept going west and
am now living in
sunny Southern California.
(you can read about it here)

I never would have imagined myself
living here.
It was not ever on my list of places.
Yet, here I be, and
am loving it.



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