Feeling what you say, could change your day….

Be aware conscious of what you say/feel,
in this new energy.
It is not so much ‘what’ you say,
as it is,
the ”feeling” you are putting out.

Allow me to give you
a real life example:

My son and I followed our passion
to leave our home state
of Michigan
We are really here!!
On the west side of the country.
No longer living in the Midwest.

On our journey across America,
we encountered many homeless people.

My son and I were also homeless and
grateful we had the truck,
an old GMC Jimmy,
for shelter and transportation.

After traveling for a month,
while living in the truck……..

…we are now renting a room,
in a wonderful mountain home
in San Diego, California and
I am very grateful for no longer sleeping in the truck.

And my gratitude ended there


my lesson began….

I got in the truck that morning,
griping and complaining
about the ‘mess’ it had become.

There was no longer any order to our ”stuff”
and there had not been for the majority of the trip.

I had it with all the chaos and
wanted to make it stop….

… so I said to my son….

“I am sick and tired of all the stuff.
Last night I was thinking….
If the truck caught fire and
all our belongings burned up,
we would still be able to breathe
and live!
Who needs all this stuff??”
I sure don’t!!!!

I didn’t just ”say” those words…
I felt them deeply!
They probably churned in my sleep…
I was sick and tired of no leg room
in the front passenger seat!
I was fed up with everything
being everywhere….
I had it with all the
pawing thru stuff,
just to find stuff!
It was driving me nuts!!!!

Don’t get me wrong…
I was grateful to have
a room and bed…..
which made me feel more compelled to clean out the truck
for now we had a place to put all our ”stuff”
I was ready to clean out the truck…
one way or another.

We only have a ‘room’, so we decided not to keep everything
But oh, what a mess we had!


Pawing through our stuff, to find stuff, created more chaos!


Things got stacked here and there…
other things went to the cab…
and we slept the best we could,
grateful for what we had.


Our dining room table and where we feasted!

We took a leisure drive to a place to get out and walk.
While there, the truck got ‘sorted’ through
somewhat organized.

Your stuff there,

my stuff here.

Then we headed for the Interstate, to take care of business.

And we didn’t get far,
before we felt the
front passenger tire
go ‘flat’.

As we got out of the car,
we quickly discovered….
the ‘tire’ was not flat.

Jimmy’s tire simply had
an odd lean to it.
It was tired!

We looked at each other
and my son joyfully said,
“Isn’t this awesome?”, as he smiled
took the next step forward….

So, we pulled out our treasures,
the items we just could not live without (yeah, right!),
not more than we could carry….
left the rest in the truck.

Jimmy did, what Jimmy was bought to do,
she safely got us out west.

She is nearing 20 years old and
we decided it was time to let her go.

We said our farewells to Jimmy,
grateful for
delivering us safely,
within a mile of ‘home’.
So very grateful she did not take us
onto the Interstate
one last time….

Jimmy was towed to the scrap yard.

We grabbed our worldly treasures,
and started walking,
grateful for the wonderful weather
and a place to lay our heads, with real beds

Our journey began, with Jimmy having
a flat tire on the front driver side


and ended with a broken axle,
on the front passenger side.


For what ever reason,
my pictures of Jimmy’s tired-tire are missing.

May you rest in pieces, Jimmy.




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