you are awesome! thank you!!


I want to tale a few moments and
thank all of you for the support
during our travels across the USofA.

The money generated through our Fund-Me page
helped immensely.

The many prayers sent out
from all of you was very profound.
Never before had I been so aware
of the power in prayer.



Patty of Co-Creating and Cowgirl Wisdom (click here to enjoy her blog)

  • You helped us to find our lost spare tire,
    from several states away. I will never forget that,
    for that was a new experience for me.
  • Your work with your crystals and Gaia aided us in many ways.
  • You were always there for me Patty, with a smile,
    ready to assist in any way possible.
  • You helped me to eliminate my unexpected fears
    of the mountains and Interstate driving.
  • There are many more ways you have helped….
  • …and we have never met in person.
    We have only ‘known’ of each other since late summer,
    through our blogs, yet we connected deeply and
    I find that to be very profound.
    I am grateful!!

To all of you,
I send a heartfelt thank you
and gratitude for all
your support!

Dolphin Grins,



  1. You are so welcome, and so very very deserving, you and your son. If you could see me, I’d be blushing deep red! Some day, Ren, we’ll meet at a Bohemian coffee shop and share some coffee, or walk along the shores of the beautiful ocean you now live near. I also feel a very deep and ‘long ago’ connection with you. Love your writing, keep it up! xoxoxoxo ❤

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  2. Adding a note to say you are thriving and manifesting in a situation others would be scared down to their socks to do: Move cross country based on intuition and nudges from the Universe. Way. To. Go! You have my highest and utmost respect and admiration.

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    • Bless you and thank you.
      Part of my son’s vision for this trip, was to show others that it is possible to follow your dreams. So many people told us NOT to go, we would not make it.
      And we did make it! WOW!!!!!
      thank you again!


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