…and we have landed….

In my post Pioneers of the New Energy (click here to read), we had landed in Palm Springs, California and were raising funds to go further into California.

Ever since we were in Colorado, we had placed several Craigslist ads for a place to live. No good prospects developed. We continued the ad into Palm Springs, with similar results.

Through our ‘Fund-Me’ page and pawning the rest of our stuff, we raised the needed funds and moved on, only knowing that San Diego was calling us now.

We reached our destination in no time….


and continued our ad for housing.

A respondent sounded promising.
We met and interviewed each other and concluded that this was a good fit in many ways.

We are now living in the mountains of San Diego.


This is a temporary arrangement, while we get our incomes generated so we can move on in life.

Before being “forced out of our home” [you can read it here] we were in the process of getting our businesses started. With the onset of all the craziness, our plans were put on hold.
Now we have a ‘home base’ for a few months and are so grateful for everything that we have experienced….




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