g.ma has the belief….

G.ma and I have had this conversation
more than once over the years.
We know we are both right in our beliefs
and that is fantastic.

She is of the belief
that we do not/should not bathe daily.
She feels it strips our natural oils away.

I believe I need/want a shower daily.
I feel refreshed that way.

And here I am,
traveling across the US of A,
in a truck.

food and
are scarce.

On the road,
a shower (which may end up being a cold one)
is a luxury.
It can cost from $5 to $10
for the privilege of cleansing the body.

I still hold the belief and
desire for a daily shower.
In fact, I LONG for it!!!

Needless to say,
my showers now average
one a week.

I am very grateful each time
I am afforded the ability
to shower.


The things I take for granted…..



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