Where do you park when you are tired?

Where does one park to sleep, when living in a truck?

That is a question which I have never asked myself.

However, when living in a truck, in unfamiliar territory,

with little to no money,

you would be amazed how creative one must become.



One evening,
we got lucky and
were able to park
in this parking lot.



A casino is a 24 hour place.
This provided us a night sleep,
but got kicked out the next day.


This parking ramp was wonderful for a few nights,
before we discovered it was quite the hangout 
for druggies. 

There was a time when Walmart ‘boasted’
about opening up their parking lots for overnight parking.
We quickly found out,
after being run off of various Walmart properties,
that is not the case at all stores.

We are not always near a ‘rest stop’ nor do we have the gas
to drive to one.  They are generally many miles from a town.


And when Walmart failed us,
we went next door a few times. 

Throughout the various states, we parked in the parking lot
of various churches.
On the west coast, most churches have it posted,
“No Overnight Parking”.


And of course,
there are the various ‘truck stops’
where we can squeeze in.

We do what we can do, without breaking the law, to the best of our ability.

This has been quite the adventure.




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