He walks with love and compassion….

The young man was in Detroit, Michigan, for the first time. Walking a part of town which he probably should have avoided.  Yet he walks with love and compassion, not fear and hatred.

One of the many ‘homeless’ people found him…targeted him perhaps.
Yet, there was only love and compassion coming forth from the young man.

The homeless man zoned in on the young man for some change….asking, yet trying to intimidate the young man. Attempting to place fear inside him. The homeless man made it clear that the young man could easily be killed.

Yet, the young man only smiled and shined love from his heart.
He had no fear.

He sat down with the homeless man.
He explained that he was simply passing through town and had no money to share.

For no known reason,
the young man reached into his pocket,
felt a wadded up piece of paper and pulled it out.
It was money he forgot he had.

“Here man. Take this,” he said as he handed the rumpled bill to the homeless man.

The homeless man straightened it out to discover it was a ten dollar bill.
He looked at the young man, their eyes met.

“Hey man, this is ten bucks!”, the homeless man exclaimed.

“Take it”, the young man said. “You were asking for change, this is what I have to give. You obviously need it more than I do. Take it. Enjoy!”

The look in the eyes of that homeless man softened. He was dumbfounded that someone would be so kind to him. He thanked the young man and shook his hand.

The young man felt rich, to have given his last $10 to this human in need.


This is a true story, from about a year ago.

I know this young man,
for he came through me,
not from me, 25 years ago.
I am so proud to call him, son.

Thank you,




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