Pioneers of the New Energy

In a recent post, Passion … or Pride….? (click here), I said,
“We do not know what we are seeking now”

That is not true at every level.

We do know where we are headed…
We are headed to our dreams!

We have many ‘ideas, thoughts, feelings, knowings’
of what is ahead for us.

We have many “irons in the fire”
which have ‘synchronistically’ developed over the years.

We are in awe to witness their transformation
into our travels and beyond.

We just do not have the words.

We have the ‘knowing’.

We do know what we want.
We do NOT know how to get there and that is okay.

I have discovered on many occasions,
that the “HOW” does not matter in this New Energy.
It is what is in the heart that paves the way.
It is in the feeling we hold, regardless of how things may appear.

My son and I both have had a passion to experience Colorado and that we did!
The November weather was summer like. I have written often of it.
We loved the abundant sun and crisp mountain air.
People were wonderfully happy there, as I had envisioned.

Yet we yearned to move on.
Sure, the weather was getting colder.
Yes, we sleep in the truck with no heat.

I believe that is all for a reason.
It helped to show us the way to Palm Springs, CA.


This is where we sit now. Yet, as fantastic a paradise it is,
we are being drawn further into sunny California.
We know there is grand opportunity waiting for us.


We can feel it.
Can’t explain it.
It is a ‘knowing’.

So, we are raising funds to get there.
Even the smallest of donation helps fuel our path.
We are so grateful to all who have been able to donate on
our funding page (click here).
This is how we have made it this far, against all odds.
Our passion keeps us going.

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts, donations and prayers.
Please, keep them coming. We bask in your love.




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