I went from faith, to knowing.

“Have faith” they tell me.

“Right! Have faith in what?” I often wondered.
“And what is Faith, anyway?”

Personally, I have come to describe Faith as more of a Belief
I have Faith in me.
I believe in myself.

Perhaps Faith is meant for God.
To have Faith in God, for s/he is unseen.

Yet, I have come to know that God is inside me.
God is inside each of us…

And right there, it is clear to me…
I do not have Faith for the Unseen or Unknown.
I hold a knowing.

I trust my intuition and act upon my gut,
Without hesitation, question or expectation…..
Knowing that it IS the way….

It is not a ‘knowing’ from  in the ‘brain’.
It is a ‘sense of knowing’ from within.
I simply ‘know’ it is so.

This is my new way of life.
Knowing has become my new normal!




  1. Of course G-d is in you – there is a spark of G-dliness in everyone, but some people embrace it, and some ignore or even reject it. Those who embrace it gain strength, and it’s wonderful and inspiring to see you coming to this realization!

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