Passion … or Pride….?

My son and I left Michigan, in early November, 2016 and headed west across the states, for Colorado. You can read a bit more about it here … That house wanted me out…

We have been living in our truck during this adventure.
Searching for places to park for the night.
At times, not knowing where our next meal would come from.
Yet we have been forever grateful for all we have and will have.

The skies of Colorado began to turn ‘winter’ true.
We knew we would soon need to make some changes,
for the truck had no heat.

It was here,
at this junction of my travels,
when I experienced an unexpected
‘weeding-out’ of an old friend.

We had nearly a decade of hardcore friendship happening between us.

He highly advised
that we seek shelter at the local Mission and
stay there for the winter.
Many decades prior,
he had to do that exact thing in CO,
so he knew it was our best option.

I thanked him for his advise and
joyfully let him know
that we had decided to head to
Palm Springs, California for warmth.

That is when he fell out of my world…
bringing to my attention that
pride can stand in the way of progress.  
He then stated that our friendship
was now ended because
he did not believe me.

I am still baffled to this very moment,
for I had only spoke truth to him, ever!

I honored his desire and
I let him go,
wishing him the best
in his life.

I wanted to explain to him,
it is not ‘pride’ that pushes us forward.

I view ‘pride’ as a negative energy attribute.

This is heartfelt ‘passion’.

We do not know what we are seeking now,
we do know that our gut is our guide.
We are excited for what is around the next curve.

Our adventure is definitely ‘passion’ driven.

If it were ‘pride’,
we would have quit
a long time ago!

And I am okay with the unexpected division.
My load feels lighter now in some ways.

I love you Rick.
May you also find happiness,
one day soon,
in your world.



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