That house wanted me out….

As I mentioned in a prior post, Self-Trust! The importance OF: (click here), I have been finding my own resolve to my EHS condition.

The bedroom I was sleeping in, of that old farm house, was directly above the house’s electrical meter. Even though the meter was no longer a Smart Meter, I still felt there was something in that bedroom, affecting me.

I questioned if:

  • perhaps there was lead paint on the walls, or exterior of house. Perhaps it had been covered up and overlooked during restoration
  • the dirty electricity had built up in that bedroom
  • what DOES radiation do when you fill a room with it

I do know that sleeping in that bedroom was not easy.
The “noises” were very loud in that bedroom.
I could sense something inside the room which made me feel very uneasy.

So I moved out of the bedroom.
Within 24 hours, I could feel great healing taking place in my body.

As the cold Michigan winter nights/days crept in, the windows of the house needed to be shut.
That is when I started really noticing the smell of mold.  I began to explore and found there to be much water damage to certain areas of the house.

As time went on with the house windows kept shut more, I became sensitive to the molds.  The basement was so acrid smelling, neither of us could go down there.  The laundry room, bathroom, living room… all were breeding grounds for the mold.

Many of our personal items had to be thrown away, due to mold growing on them.
I have never seen mold grow so fast before.

We HAD to get out of there!

The house was slowly killing us both.

We decided, if we HAVE to move, let’s move to where our hearts have been tugging us both, for many years. Colorado!  It was time to get out of Michigan and follow our dreams.

And we did!

Against all odds, we saved up a few thousand dollars, secured a vehicle and set out for Colorado. Our target date for departure was November 4, 2016. After several setbacks, we left Michigan November 6th and arrived in Colorado on Election Day.

NOTE: When I speak of “WE”, I am referring to my adult son and I.
He originally moved into that old farmhouse in March 2016
and invited me to join him,
which I did in May.

He has always wanted to provide to me, a home and life of bliss.
He knows first hand, the struggles I went through to raise him and his brother.
He so much wanted to make my life happy and pleasant.
Instead, he (unknowingly) brought me to a house of misery.
You can imagine how bad he felt.

We are past that now and made it to Colorado.
The weather has been very warm for November.
We are blessed, for we have been living in the truck.
The nights are getting to be a bit too chilly for me.
We need to move on to warmer climate.

We are now heading to California, where it is warmer.
We are reaching out to everyone for help.

My son has created a Fund Me page,
(this is the link )
to help raise the money for moving.

The page has gotten nearly 100 shares so far.
We are asking your help to continue sharing our page
with everyone you know.
Help it go viral!

Thank you all so very much,
[more to come]




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