Self-Trust! The importance OF:

EHS — Electrical Hypersensitivity 
EHS is common & well documented.
A Neurologist diagnoses.
Sweden has the most info.
here is a link to Sweden research

I have contracted EHS since moving to this house in May 2016.  It had a Smart Meter, supplied by the local electric company.

In 4 months, I went from excellent health to :
losing 30 pounds
terrible headache/pressure
body rash/welts
itchy/hot & much more.

Trips to ER and various doctor appointments could tell me nothing.  I started sharing my belief of EHS to the medical field.  I asked them to research a little.  I was shunned and ridiculed.!

I have grown from this experience of EHS.
I have discovered, at a deeper level, to trust myself.
I have learned to turn inward for my answers.

It soon became obvious the medical field c/would not help me.  I had no where else to look.  The EHS prevented my computer use.

I found my answers within myself.

I was then able to take action (doctors wanted me to take pills, which I refuse) and begin to eradicate the ‘problem’ and start to heal.

I soon became angry at the medical staff.
Upset that ‘friends’ were turning away from me.
It consumed me day and night.
And I could not let it go!!!!

I have grown from this feeling of dismay.
I have discovered that I am not upset with any of them.
I am pissed off at myself for NOT listening to my gut.
For NOT seeing the synchronicity.

I knew this house had a Smart Meter before moving here.  I knew since 2013 they are dangerous.  From house fires to dirty electricity, radiation.  I knew that the UK had banned them.  My gut said to listen up!

I ignored it.
What were the odds I would be affected?
THAT happens to ‘others’.

I was ready and anxious to move in May, so I did.

After being here a few weeks, a headache/pressure crept in.  I do NOT get headaches.  The ‘noises’ outside were 24/7.  The back of my shoulders became itchy.  I was losing my appetite.  My gut said to listen up.

I made excuses and tried to ignore ignored symptoms.

Mid August, a storm downed a tree, which ripped the Smart Meter from the house and broke it.  My gut said to request a NON-Smart Meter. I had not yet admitted to the EHS connection to myself.

My ‘monkey mind’ (ego) talked me out of it.
My rash and illness could not be from a ‘meter’.
How Crazy is that?

My right arm kept getting worse each time I used the mouse of the computer.  I could feel something creep/crawl up my arm.  Then I would get bumps and they’d become itchy and on fire. I had to step away for a while before continuing.
My gut was yelling and showing me.

I chose to blog more and more.
I was loving the freedom of writing again.
I enjoyed my time spent exploring other blogs.
And it was becoming very apparent that I was reacting to my computer.
I denied it!


About 2 years before moving, I had a strong drive to collect Unakite gems from nature. It was odd at the time, I could not explain it.  I just had to find all the Unakite that I could. I collected several pounds and they came with me to this house.
When I got moved in, I washed the gems and displayed them in a dish in my bedroom.

Unakite is known to absorb ‘dirty electricity’ and is good to keep a natural dish full on a TV or near other electronics.

Months prior to moving here, I had an unexplained weight gain.

It became the exact amount I lost.

As of today, I continue to find resolve.

I have unplugged everything except stove and fridge.
I use flashlights at night.
There is finally a non-Smart Meter on the house.

I spend a lot of time outdoors in direct contact with  Gaia (no shoes and/or sitting on ground) — using her magnetics for healing.

I am hypersensitive due to an overload of radiation I received as a baby,
to burn lesions off my scalp and right arm.
It was the ‘in thing’ to do in the 1950’s.

I am finding my way out of this EHS dungeon.
My posts will continue to be few,
as I rarely touch a computer now.

Thank you everyone for your support.
I will soon return to regular blogging.




    • Hello and thank you for your blessings. I continue to discover more of who I am thru this experience and am loving it.
      I am beginning my way back to blogging and look forward to more interactions with you.

      Liked by 2 people

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