[away~7] the extinction of the “SalesX”

into yard

continued from [away~6]
I storm took out my power for a day and now I was locating a new Internet provider.

With phone book, paper and pen, I called ‘a company’ to learn about satellite internet and whether I would want the service.  They offered me a great deal, due to being a first time caller.  I thanked them and let them know I would get back to them if I chose to use their service.

That is when I discovered I was talking to greed, not integrity.

If I ‘called back’, I would no longer be a first time caller.  No guarantee of what price I would get. If I wanted the great deal, plus a few more bonuses he tossed my way, I had to commit ‘RIGHT NOW’!

“Really? Huh, how ’bout that?”
I thanked him for his time, told him I’d take my chances and hung up.

During my process of acquiring Internet service, I became aware of how long it has been since I have had to interact with ‘pressure sales’.

Every company I called, gave me the same spiel, some simply reading their ‘script’ and not hearing my words of NO TV service. NO BUNDLE! INTERNET ONLY! “Thank you, good bye.”

I chose to go with Company X and called them back the next day.

“SalesX” spoke very fast and then asked I agreed and gave permission…


It felt like a whirlwind of negative energy when interacting on the phone with “SalesX”.

“SalesX” wanted to give me several 30-day free trials.  I HAD to cancel or start paying the next month.


I handled it differently then normal.  I stood my ground, with compassion, not anger.  Kept taking deep breaths and remaining balanced, as best I could.

When “SalesX” was hard pressuring me into ‘trial months’, I felt as if I was in an echo chamber of chaos balls bouncing all over the place. [deep breath]

“I do not like that feeling, Mr. “SalesX. [deep breath]  I only want Internet service. Why do you keep shoving options down my throat, that I have to remember to cancel? I do not even need those services. That is very unfair.”

When I felt the “SalesX’ chaos escalate, I requested a recap. “Explain to me. I do not understand what you are saying.”

“SalesX” would reiterate it to me in laymen terms.  I could absorb that info and ‘re-balance’ my heart at the same time.

“SalesX” felt my heart.  I know he did. I could feel his.  He had some empathy for me and cut the sales cords right then and there.

Maybe you are laughing at me.
Perhaps you can relate.
I know that Integrity is replacing the Greed on this planet. People like “SalesX” will one day be an extinct specimen of what did not work.


Ten minutes after “SalesX” confirmation of setup for the next day, I received a call from the service tech.  He was sorry to inform me, there was a conflict in schedules. I could not be connected tomorrow and would have to wait till next week.

I thanked him and was grateful I did not have to wait a month.
My gut was telling me this had something to do with “SalesX”…..







  1. I liked your optimistic outlook on things, believing that one day sales pressure techniques will be extinct. These days, I prefer to do all my ordering, re-ordering, etc. online so that I can see everything in writing before committing to it.

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