[away~6] bliss of being unplugged

reduce limb

continued from [away~5]

An electrical storm took out my power for a day.
I was grateful to have electricity back.

The TV and Internet service were part of the lease for this house.  Since the tree downed the Internet cable, the home owner was able to break contract and end their service.  They were fed up with that cable company and glad to dump them.

It was now up to me, to find my own service.  Little did I know, finding another Internet provider would be quite challenging, without the use of the Internet.

Where do I start?  I have not needed to deal with Internet service since the early days of DSL.  This was feeling foreign to me. [deep breath] I became thrown into the jungle of technical chaos. [deep breath]

I texted a friend for suggestions of Internet only service and does it exist?  I did not want TV service. I have not watched television since early 2010.

My friend felt I had to have a landline or cable TV, not internet only.  They suggested I check with my local provider.

Of course!  Great thought.  I prefer to keep my business local.  I am new to this area. Who is my local provider?  I needed a phone book.  Do I own a phone book?  Even the word ‘phone book’ sounded ancient, archaic.  I located the new phone book.

I friend stopped by on their way to work.  I asked their input of what they felt was available for internet only service.

I grabbed the phone book and thumbed through the yellow pages.  Just like old times.  How quaint.

Everything is Changing.
I choose to ‘adapt’ or ‘adjust’ to the changes as they are presented. Or I could choose to fight the changes and continue to have struggle and strife in my world.  It is just a matter of choice.


He was still informing me … “there is a TV commercial with a biker out in the middle of nowhere. He could still get service.  The ad talked about getting service anywhere. It was….”

I listened to his input as I continued with the yellow pages, landing at Internet Servs , what ever that means.
Just as he said, “It was…”, I glanced down at the phone book and gazed at an ad for

“…Hughes Net Satellite Internet,” he concluded.

I set the book on the table, with my finger pointing to the ad.  “Look what I laid my eyes on, just as you said the words…Hughes Net…”
We looked at each other and grinned.
We both have come to appreciate the synchronicities in our worlds.
It truly is our new normal.

to be continued…..




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