[away~5] making the connection

continued from [away~4]

A limb, the size of a tree, was downed by a storm, taking my power with it. I concocted a creative meal of cottage cheese and fruit.  I was grateful. As the sun set, I settled into bed for the night.  I had to be up early for the electrician to hook up the meter.  I slept well, despite the ongoing storms.

I woke with the sun, feeling very refreshed.  The electrician should be here in a couple hours. I will have some coffee and wait for his arrival.

No electricity, No coffee! [deep breath]

What an adventure.  The things I take for granted! No worries. I can walk up to the gas station for a cup of coffee, after the electrician comes and goes.

The electrician arrived in two trucks and worked quickly.  All of a sudden, it was quiet.  I went to the window and saw only ne work truck.  A man was strapping the ladder onto it.

I yelled out the window, “Hey! Are you done? Do I call the utility company now for a reconnect?”

He shouted back, “No. We have the inspector scheduled at 11am to inspect our work.  Once it has the green light, you can call for reconnect.”  He paused and added, “Go ahead and call them now.  Our work will pass inspection.”
I thanked him and headed for my cell phone. [deep breath]

No, I will follow protocol and wait for the ‘green light’, just in case.  Eleven was only a couple hours away. I could wait. [deep breath]

I went upstairs and got ready to go for coffee.  I just happened to see a white pickup truck, backing into the entrance of my driveway and stop.
Now who is this?

I went downstairs. The man was headed to my electric meter. Could this be the inspector?  It had only been 20 minutes.  We reached the meter at the same time.

He said he was out of town during our huge storms.  When he was on his way back into town, he saw a lightning bolt come straight down, touch land and stay several seconds.

sunset change

His ‘inspection’ lasted 3 seconds, as he applied his ‘sticker of approval’ onto the meter.  he said he would call for reconnect and I should also.

I thanked him and he was on his way. And I [deep breath] was on my way to get coffee.
I called for a reconnect when I got back.

I was back on the power grid by 5pm. Now for the internet company. [deep breath]
to be continued…..


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