We are literally in a new place in space and loving it.

Lake change
photo by Heath – renagain original

Yes, everything is changing…
our global systems, consciousness, weather…

For years, media science has warned about Global Warming.

In actuality, it is a mini ice age, we are experiencing.

So why are the ice caps melting?

It is simple physics!
The Earth must warm up, before it can cool down.

This is a cyclical event in nature.
And yes, it has arrived early.
There is nothing to be alarmed about.


because Everything is changing…

everything is changing
photo by Heath renagain original

… and change comes slow.

We are in new energies today (post-2012).

As our solar system travels around the center of the galaxy,
we are visiting a new place in space.

We have never been here before.
It is new.
It is different.

sunset change
renagain original

Some scientists face this change, with fear.
It is unknown territory.
It is new to them.
They struggle with it.

Other scientists embrace the change and
have unveiled the true essence/meaning of this new area in space.

In the old energy (pre-2012) we had  a ‘bubble of protection’.
That is now passing away and a new kind of energy is replacing it.
This is simple physics.
It is physically happening.

The sun is now being impacted by it.
An Astronomer could tell you whether the Radiant Cycle is on schedule.
And that there may now be less activity.

The sun has a magnetic field – Heliosphere.
It intersects with our magnetic field.
Our magnetic field is what affects our consciousness.

There have been tests done to show what effects the sun has on us.
Parts of our biology are being enabled by the sun, in this new place in space.

When I say, Everything is Changing, it really is changing.
Changing to NEW.
Not just regurgitating the old.

There IS a New Normal in Town.
And it is truly beautiful.




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