my SMART METER is attacking me! Please help me learn about ELECTRO-SENSITIVITY

How do I write this?
I have been off-line since yesterday.

I went to the hospital August 25, 2016.
They called it Contact Dermatitis.
I am coming in contact with something,
causing this “itchy rash” reaction.
Gave me a topical steroid cream.
Told me to use Zyrtec for itching.
Sent me home.

I am a healthy person.
Has been years since I have been ill.
Take zero medication.

Within 3 1/2 months
of moving into this house,
my body is under attack.

2016-08-24 left arm

2016-08-24 right arm

Comparison of my Left (top) and Right (bottom) arms August 24, 2016

My right arm is affected the worse.
My legs and body, at the fatty areas, are now being affected.

Feels like ‘bites’. Itching, burning, swelling, bruising, poxing and NOT healing.


  • lay on top of bedding, sit on furniture, sit on floor and exposed skin gets ‘bit’.
  • use computer mouse and keyboard and arms get ‘bit’.
  • hold mouse for use and right arm has increased discomfort.
  • itching intensifies around 4 pm
  • When I leave the house, I feel relief.


  • headache (I do not get headaches!)
  • loss of appetite (lost over 20 lbs. since moving here in May)
  • ringing in ears
  • racing heart, jittery, nervousness
  • mild confusion, extremely emotional and fearful
  • severe leg cramps
  • acid reflux
  • neck muscle fatigue
  • over all body muscle fatigue

I am the only one being affected.
It is happening mainly in my bedroom.
My computer is in my bedroom.
My bedroom is on the second floor,
directly above the SMART METER.


My ‘hands are tied’ right now and
I am reaching out to you for help in research.

Please help make this an interactive post
and share your thoughts, input,
experiences, anything to help shed light on this.

I will not be online often, so
research is hindered for me right now.
I will be checking for your comments,
as I take the steps to get this
SMART METER replaced with an

I thank you from my heart, for your help with this.
You will see a few posts from me which I had scheduled earlier.

Signing off with love,







  1. I wonder if you can find a material to block that new meter with. I have a feeling the electric company will not comply with switching back to analog, but I will put it out there that they will! A few years back I had ‘bites’ on my arms, legs and torso, but it was nothing earthly in a sense that I was not getting bitten by anything. I had this rash because…well,,,I was ignoring a big part of my life and Spirit kept sending me reminders to get that ‘thing’ out from under my skin. Kinda hard to explain here and not sure that in any way relieves you of your plight. I’ll keep thinking on it for you. Good luck!

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  2. Thanx, I appreciate your comment much.
    It is no longer just a rash on my arms. It is attacking my whole body now.
    I will say it is radiation from the smart meter.


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