[away~4] Can’t cook! Why didn’t I think of that?

meter down

continued from [away~3]

The storm took a limb down, which took my power line with it.  Unable to cook and not much ‘non-cook’ food in the house, I walked to the nearby dollar store.  On the way, I decided I would buy another flashlight.

At the store, there were not many flashlights to choose from.
Did I want a small one?
What size battery?

“Still no power?” I heard a lady say. The store clerk was inquiring.

“No, not yet,” I reply, as she heads to another aisle.

I see her passing by again and I yell out, “How did you know about my power being out?”

She said, “Lots of people have been buying flashlights today, due to the power outages.  Most of lower Michigan is without electricity.  They thought it would be fixed by 8pm.”

I told her, “a tree took my power down and only mine.  I did not know about the others.”
She walked up to me and said, “…I really am not a stalker.” And we laughed.

I grabbed the little bright green flashlight and went to the food area.

Up and down the aisles I went.

I knew this would be challenging.
My diet has changed tremendously during my years of self-discovery. {read about it here}

Consciously and not so consciously, all the ‘dumb stuff’ has been slowly leaving my diet. Foods I once loved, I now find repulsive and the other way around.

I now listen to my body, for it knows what I need to eat.

  • No canned goods or any other shelf food looked appetizing as a ‘cold meal’.
  • Freezer items were not a wise choice.
  • There was no fresh produce.
  • I will not buy their bread.

I grabbed a small container of cottage cheese. It would keep in the freezer overnight. Power will be on the next day.
I had limited water. I would not starve in less than 24 hours.

I paid for my things and headed home.  It was hot and humid outside.

As I walked, I contemplated how many people had been without power.
Would they be grateful when it was fixed in less than an hour?

I could see yet another storm rolling in across the horizon. It was going to be a long night.

to be continued….

storms roll in



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