Meet the Meats of my world

…continued from “…eating differently…”

I am an omnivore and have no problem eating meat. I believe we were meant to eat meat.  During the past couple years, most meats have not been palatable for me.

Couple years ago, we had a wonderful pot roast get together.  Everyone raved and had extra helpings of the beef. Not I.  My first bite into one of my most favorite meals, was almost rancid tasting.  In disbelief, I took another bite and spit it into my napkin. I could not eat it and everyone else was loving it.

The taste was ‘thick’. It ‘coated’ my tongue and mouth. My breath felt ‘fur-like and fatty’ tasting.  I know, crazy descriptions and yet, I have no other words right now to describe it. I tried another pot roast meal at a much later date and found it to be the same experience.
Yuck, for me.
Everyone else, loved it.

Months after that, I was at a hamburger cook out.  The burgers did not have a pleasant aroma while cooking.  I saw the meat during prep and it looked fine.  The cook is knowledgeable of meats.

There were on issues with the product.
Everyone raved about their burgers.
The dog got mine.

It was a very similar experience to the post roast.  I was starting to believe I could not eat beef. Pork was also on its way out, for it was no longer tasty.

Chicken bought from the store was so traumatized and bloody, trying to ‘clean it’ for cooking, turned my desires away for eating poultry.

I was baffled during my meat experience. I was not concerned, I trust and listen to my body. I was curious as to what was going on.
A friend suggested that perhaps I am feeling the animal’s fear.  Wow! That was something I had not considered. Could that be possible?

I have always been a sensitive and empathetic person. We are in new energies today (post-2012).  Everything is changing.  I suppose I could be sensing the animals traumatic life.  I have heard that when an animal is treated well and blessed before it is killed, that enhances the nutritional value and taste of the meat, enormously.

Just recently, I hesitantly ate a burger from a ‘local humane ranch’ and it tasted wonderful.  The experience solidified the knowledge within me, that better days are here and can only get better.






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