[away~3] …playing with the NUDGE

continued from [away~2]

A limb, the size of a tree, took my power out.
Now I wait for the electrician to arrive the next day.


Several hours had gone by since all the excitement.  I was feeling hungry. (I got an internal nudge to go outside)  Time to cook dinner.
Oh No!! No electricity! (stronger internal Nudge! to go outside)  I had not thought of eating earlier, when I placed perishables from the fridge into the freezer.  What am I going to eat? {internal NUDGE to go outside NOW!} [deep breath]

That ‘internal nudge’ is my gut instinct.  It guide me in my world.  Long ago, I learned to follow my gut without questioning it or having any expectations.  I have learned to ‘trust my gut’.

Okay!  I am going outside… NOW, as I smile and head for the door.  I am going outside to … ummm … hmmm… I know!  I will go look at the fallen limb and tree it came from.
So I did.
As I was coming back, I noticed a hole in the ground.  Like a squirrel dug up a nut… but it looked like a dirt and grass nest.  So cute, tiny and round.

(Internal nudge to keep going)
Nope! I was NOT to spend time at the cute little hole… I got a nudge to take a few steps, stop and look straight ahead.  I now was at the side of the house.

Then the turkey family stepped out of the woods and into my backyard. (deep breath and thank you)  At first, it was only daddy Tom.
I froze.

I had been watching this family grow, I knew this Tom was a nervous fellow.  Not long ago, I was filming them from inside the house.  Tom saw me and barked orders for everyone to take cover. Back into the woods they ran.

Now, as I stood ‘frozen’, my reflexes swatted at the mosquito that just bit me.

Daddy Tom turned my way and froze.
I froze too.
Soonly, he strutted around and I squatted down for the stay.  Now the mama is in view and one chick.  Where are the babies?  Now I see 3 chicks, I know there are more.

As I watched, I sent out vibes from my heart center.  I wanted to be accepted in their world.  Each parent had gazed my was as I swatted at other skeeter bites.

I know they saw me now!

I kept the heart connection going. To my amazement, they relaxed 🙂  I watched as they roamed into my yard, coming closer toward me.

Then I saw movement in the woods. The third adult turkey was herding youngens ahead of itself.  I have seen this third adult with this brood before.  Soon, the chicks came out and joined their siblings.

turkey chicks

After eating their quota of insects, the turkey family strutted into the woods again.  As daddy Tom was about to enter the woods, he stretched and flapped, lifting himself slightly off the ground.  He then wandered into the woods and was gone.

(deep breath) “Thank you turkey family. I will see you next time.” and I went inside.
Synchronicity is my new normal. It truly is the way life is meant to be lived.

to be continued…



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