[away~2] … there was a WHAT?

power down

continued from [away~1]
During a huge electrical storm, a limb fell from an old tree, taking my power line with it.

Police, fire, EMT, neighbors, utility company and a few stragglers, all chatting around my yard.  Yellow tape encircled and closed me off from the world. I felt like a cri scene. [deep breath]

The utility company disconnected the cable that was stretched taught across the road.  One of the workers told me they could not hook up my power, until the electrician fixed the meter damage to the house.

I let him know the electrician was on his way.  Chances are, he could not work on it until morning.  The utility guy informed me to call for a ‘reconnect’, once the house damage is fixed.

Most everyone started joking and laughing.  They/I knew that once I call, I would have a nice long wait. The utility company is notoriously slow to respond. [deep breath]

A crew was now removing the debris from the road.  The limb that fell, was large enough to be its own tree.  At its thickest part, it was at least two feet across.  The whole length was 30 – 40 feet with a general diameter of 8 – 12 inches, weighing hundreds of pounds.

move tree

The limb was chained to the firetruck that had positioned itself in my driveway. Inch by inch, they winced the massive limb out of the road, uprooting any earth that got in the way.

Things were winding down.  The crowd was dwindling, yellow tape gone, road clean… excitement over.  Now for a quiet night.  The electrician would be here in the morning.

Later that evening, I was talking to a friend.  They had to herd all the customers to the basement, during the tornado warning.
There was a siren?
I barely recall hearing a faint siren from the far off town. To have a tornado sighting, this close to the big lake, is rare. [deep breath and thank you]

to be continued…

stormy change


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