Are you eating differently, these days?

discover u

Over my years of discovering more of who I am, my diet has changed greatly.
Some of these changes were by conscious choice, while others just happened.

In today’s world, I find it most difficult to feed my body “healthy choices”.

Chemicals, GMO’s, additives and unpronounceable ingredients in today’s foods, are difficult to avoid.

I do what I can.
I bless what I eat.
I am grateful for my food.
I eat mindfully.

Here are some changes I have experienced:

I avoid most anything with the word ‘artificial’.
Artificial sweeteners were never part of my diet.

I prefer and enjoy drinking water.

Processed foods have dwindled away from my diet and kitchen.
Canned foods are rare in my cupboards, preferring glass jarred items.

Produce is bought organic, local, farmers market and/or grown when possible.

‘Mass’ produce, for the stores,
is harvested before it is ripe,
not allowing the final nutrients to enter the produce.
Produce ‘ripens’ for many beneficial reasons.

Grow my own herbs when possible.

Breads and rolls are bought at the bakery or made fresh at home.
Cold cereals have been replaced with hot cereal.
Table salt has been replaced with Himalayan Pink Salt,
a great source of minerals and iodine.

Fast foods and dining out, left my world nearly five years ago.
I stopped using a microwave over the past few years. I do not own one now.
Microwave meals/foods were never part of my menus.

I gave up the “Food Pyramid” and listen to my body.
I eat what I want, using discernment.

When I am thirsty, I drink.

I still am a coffee drinker.
Now I only buy ‘quality’ coffee.

Meat?  Do not get me started on meats.
That will be for its own post. 🙂

to be continued…..



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