[away~1] A strange thing happened to me Aug.12, on my way through the kitchen

continued from [away~0]

Yay! It was Thursday!  I was looking forward to talking on the phone with an old friend.  Our schedules finally became compatible for some long over due catching up.

Then a huge electrical storm crept in.
I texted him that I would call when the storm passed.

This storm was laden with lightning and extremely heavy rains.
The winds were shifting all over the place.

Michigan gets its share of tornadoes.
I was raised to respect the weather, not to fear it.
As a child, our family watched tornadoes from our porch.

I was not concerned about tornadoes here, on Lake Michigan’s coastline.
They tend to develop and occur inland, rarely messing with the coast line.

And . . .

is change

It was early afternoon, as I was passing through the kitchen.  The blinding flash of lightning, followed by the deafening crack of thunder, caused me to wince and jump.
THAT was way too close!

I left the kitchen and headed to the front of the house, to observe the storm.

As I neared the window, I heard the tearing and cracking of a huge limb, pulling away from its ancient tree trunk.

I knew the limb was breaking free from one of the many surrounding trees.  I had no idea from which tree!  I turned and ran away from the sound, heading to the back door.  I did not care that the rain was pouring down. I was out of there!

Before I reached the back door, the falling limb was felled.  The power was out.  The house was not touched by the tree… not directly. [deep breath]

The limb came down perfectly across the street.  It took my power line with it, ripping the meter and wiring off the house. [deep breath]

OMG-self! How grateful I was. [deep breath]
“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”, I said aloud [deep breath]
And I called the utility company….
to be continued…..

tree down



  1. I recently moved to Georgia from California and am amazed by the power of storms. The thunder and lightening and intense rain! I can feel the electricity in the air. We, too, had a branch go down with nothing damaged. I’m glad to hear that you and your property are safe.

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