[away~0] Hey! I’m Back!!

im back


I have been ‘unplugged’ from the Internet since August 12.
A long story, which  I will share, as I get ‘caught up’.

I missed all of you while I was away.

Days prior to my being off line,
I had a ‘gut feeling’ to write and schedule many posts.
I knew there was a limit of 100 scheduled posts, which I laughed at.
A hundred sounded like a LOT of posts.

The writings flowed from me with ease.
Little editing was needed.

And then, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not . . .

I did not follow my ‘gut instinct’ to its fullest.
I shucked it off, thinking it was crazy to schedule so many posts in advance.
What would I ever do with my free time?

I ‘rescheduled’ the posts so there were 2 and 3 publishing’s each day,
rather than spread out at one per day.

AND . . .
I should know better than to question/doubt my gut.
AND . . .
I should know better than to listen to my ‘monkey mind’.

In the blink of an eye (literally), I was disconnected from cyberspace.

As the days went by, I felt comfortable knowing
I had posts scheduled while I was away.
I knew I would soonly be back online.
Then the days got to be many more than I had posts scheduled.
And I gave a heavy sigh of ‘recognition’.

And once again, I discovered the value of having ‘faith’
and following my ‘gut instinct’ to the fullest,
without hesitation, question or expectation.

That is how I exercise my gut instinct ‘muscle’.
I now have a better understanding/sensation, for next time.

I am grateful to all of you who stood by while I was away.
I am also grateful to all my new readers who have recently joined me.
You all are beautiful souls and I thank you from my heart.

Dolphin Grins,



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