I live & perceive life, with good intent. Sure does simplify things.

Of the many changes I have made to my life, I feel the hugest one was how I chose to perceive the world around me.

Gosh, maybe five years ago, I chose to ‘Live and perceive my life with good intent.’
After all, life is a matter of choice.

I chose to have good intent, in all that I said, thought or did.
In return, I knew what was said or done to me, by another, was also with good intent.

It made sense. I felt it was the true way to ‘co-exist’ with others.

There are times, when clarification may need to be asked, so you are more able to see the good intent. That is where ‘communication’ comes in.

Here is a small example:

I walked into the preparations for a surprise party, ready to help.
Brenda sees me, walks over and says,

“Is THAT what you are wearing to the party?”

At this point, I could get upset, defensive and snap back, “Yes I AM! You have a problem with that?”

Or I could ‘shake my head no’, withdraw inward and slink away to change my clothes.

In living my life with good intent, I KNOW that Brenda meant well with her words,
regardless of how they may first sound.
It is up to me to talk to her and clarify, or ‘clear the air’.

So, after hearing her ‘remark’, I turned to her and said, “Why, yes I am wearing this. The tone in your voice causes me to feel that you are not okay with my attire. Is that true?”

Brenda laughs and replies, “Oh no, not at all!  But if you look over there, you will see Jeanne with almost the same outfit. Then, if you glance across the room, you will see Lisa, also dressed very similar.  I was surprised to now see you walking in, dressed as ‘they are’.


By living my life with ‘good intent’,
I alleviate more stress and drama from my world.
Baby steps. Years of baby steps.
It has been a long and hard road.

pink heart

I believe we are living in new times,
new energies today (post-2012).
I have been witnessing many people ‘waking up’ and
‘transforming’, so much quicker than
I ever could have in the old energy (pre-2012).
These are truly exciting times we live in.



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