how I quit smoking: Plan E

My plans to quit smoking were failing me. You can read about my Plan D here.

Then the day came.

Without planning or preparing
I quit a 40+ year cigarette habit NOW.
Cold Turkey.
No smoking cessations.
No hypnosis.
No withdrawals.

I actually am not sure what happened to cause me to quit,
except that I loved myself more deeply than ever before.

I had reached a point, where I truly wanted to quit smoking.

I knew I had all the answers.
I knew I was the only one who could stop smoking cigarettes.

I was finally loving life and wanted this body to be healthy.
I could feel the negative effects of putting smoke into my body.

I had friends and family supporting me to quit.

More than that, I wanted to be here for me.
I loved myself and wanted the best for me.
It was all about me and my world.
I had to quit for me… not for ‘them’ or any other reason.
It was all about ME.

Those feelings intensified and went deep into my heart.
I could feel them cascade through my cells,
as if they had received a trigger to kick in and support my choice.

Who knows?

I still lack the words for what happened.

One night, I laid on my bed and my heart yearned to quit the smoking.

I tuned into that feeling, fed it with my heart and they both grew.

I went deep within me, deeper than ever before.
Yearning to quit smoking.
I knew I was better than that.
I knew I had control over myself.
I knew I could live happier without cigarettes.
I knew I wanted to quit.

The uncontrollable tears came, sobbing heartfelt desires to stop the habit of smoking.
My head was throbbing.
I wanted it to end so very badly.
I knew I was the only one who could stop my smoking.
I put all my faith, into my ability to stop the dumb stuff.
I imagined the beauty and freedom of being smoke free.
I soon fell asleep from exhaustion and stayed there the night.

for the night

 When I woke the next day, I reminisced what had happened the night before.
My body had never felt like that …
I was astounded at the level of energy it took to go through that ‘healing’.
I broke another ‘barrier’ that night and became more in touch with who I truly am.
More in tune with my Higher Self.

A ‘healing’ is what I call, how I quit smoking.
I healed myself.

September 2016, will be 2½ years since I quit smoking cigarettes.
I thank my cells daily, for repairing the damage I created.
I am grateful they know what do.

In retrospect, I do not believe I could have quit smoking as easily, had I not loved ME.
In fact, I know that is true.

I got through another ‘gotta wanna’ moment in my world
and am a true non-smoker today.

In the end, I loved ME so much,
Being a non-smoker, became my reality.




    • It was very deeply spiritual. I was astounded!

      Yes, you could say I was changed in more ways than to stop smoking. I had not thought about it actually, till you asked.

      It was like a deeper internal awakening, like more shedding of old….? … or discovering more of who I truly am. ?
      And to actually ‘quit’ as a result, was very reconfirming of what I already believed.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. That was an amazing story and post! You did go through a healing, indeed. A friend of mine would bring in pink candy one day of the year. I asked why, and she said, it’s Pink Lung Day! Her anniversary on quitting smoking. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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