Anything goes, when creating! True?

When I ‘create’, I bar all rules in my world.
Anything goes!

That was not always the case.
I once had to make sure I knew what I was doing,
before ever taking the first step into creating anything.

One year, I started editing my pictures and videos.
That evolved into creating videos of my adventures.
I had not made a video before and found it quite fun.
Soonly, I decided I wanted to create my own music, for my videos.
Why not?
Made sense to me.

I was very excited about my new idea and
wanted to share it with someone.
I called a close friend and
shared my inspirations.

I was not ready for the response I heard…

“What do you mean you want to make your own music?  How could you?  What do you know about music?  You do not even know music theory.  I’m sorry, but you can’t just ‘make music’ because you want your own for your videos. It is not that simple!”

“Really? Bummer! Okay, I thought it was a good idea.”

What do they know?

music food

I got me a music program for me computer and
went into creation mode.

After making several awesome videos,
which had my MUSIC in the background,
I sent them samples of what I could NOT do.

They were very impressed and
told me I did a super job.

I felt honored!
I was also quite pleased,
that I to listened to ME.




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