how I quit smoking: Plan D

You can read my prior post to discover
how greatly I failed with my Plan C.

I was having a real battle with myself.
On one hand, I wanted to smoke. I enjoyed it.
On the other hand, I wanted to quit. It was getting costly.
As much as I hated admitting it,
cigarettes were affecting my health.

It was time to get honest with me.

0 winston

I dove deeper into discovering more of who I was.
Putting faith within myself, for quitting cigs.

I have an insatiable desire to discover who I really am.
I have been ‘loving myself’ for a couple of years.

I was still a cigarette smoker, who ‘loved herself’!.? Riiiiight!
That was nonsensical to me.

Would I rake leaves into a pile, set it on fire and purposely inhale the smoke?

Do I really depend on cigarettes to live?

Am I in control of my life?
No.  Apparently not, if I could not quit smoking.

Was I born with a cigarette hanging from my mouth or maybe in my hand?

Was I proud to be a smoker?
No. I felt ashamed. I hated the stale smoke smell and no matter what I did,
it clung to me like stink on doo-doo.

And now I was facing Plan D on how to quit smoking.
I looked back at my other attempts to quit smoking.
I observed how miserably I had failed at each of them.
Plan D, never developed.
I QUIT, quitting.
Gave up.
There is no Plan D!
I failed!

Join me next time, for my infamous Plan E to quit cigarettes.
Are you doubting me again?…. Quitting can be hard!
I will get this figured out….. ! 🙂


pic more docs smoke camel

Your ‘T-Zone Will Tell You….

The “T-Zone” -T for taste and T for throat – is your own proving ground for any cigarette.  For only your taste and your throat can decide which cigarette tastes best to you… and how it affects your throat.  From the experience of many millions of smokers, we believe Camels will suit your “T-Zone” to a “T”.
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.
Winston – Salem, N.C.






  1. I used to smoke. Quit years ago. But I only smoked when I was out clubbing. I know very vain of me.

    Look up what Mark Twain says about quitting. Something along the lines of…”it’s easy, I have done it a *hundred* times!”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Smoking and clubbing go together like peas and carrots or rather, fish and water. It is a natural! I fully understand where you are coming from and do not feel it is ‘vain’ at all.


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