how I quit smoking: Plan C

My prior Plan B, (view here) did not have the outcome I had anticipated.

Are you starting to doubt me, when I say I quit smoking?
If you recall, I actually said I ‘recently’ quit smoking.
At some point, I mentioned how my quits are usually ‘short’ lived.
Here I am, on Plan C….. you might be feeling a bit skeptical by now.
Or not.

0 camel


My plans to quit smoking are not doing very good.
The cost of cigarettes keeps getting higher and higher.

I learned I could buy certain loose leaf pipe tobacco and roll my own cigarettes.
Pipe tobacco did not have the same excessive tax as cigarette tobacco.
The ‘smoke shop’ told me that cigarette tobacco IS pipe tobacco.
Pipe tobacco is cut more coarsely.
So, yay, I started rolling my own filtered cigarettes. Genius!

In time, my lungs started feeling a lot worse.
Rolling my own, had to stop. It was killing me. (smokers are funny creatures)

I often questioned myself, as to why I allowed the cigarettes to rule my world.
Certain actions or lack of actions, generated the ‘need’ to smoke.
I felt that was ridiculous.

In retrospect;

  • I did not need to smoke as a child.
  • I was not born with a cigarette in my mouth.
  • I did not need cigarettes in order to live.
  • Others lived without smoking…. [how could they do that?]
  • I am fed up with cigarettes controlling my life!

Snap out of it!

Who in their right mind would go outside,
to stand in bad weather,
just to inhale smoke?
That is crazy!

I won’t even stick around when the bon fire smoke heads my way.
Yet, I will purposely light up these dried tobacco leaves,
and inhale them into my lungs?

What am I thinking?
I am better than that!
I am in control, not cigarettes.

I am quitting NOW!

Cold Turkey!

Right then and there, I decided, when my last pack was done, I would be done.

Yeah, you can guess how well that went.

Join me next time, for Plan D, on how I quit smoking.
Please, have faith in me. I will get this ‘quitting’ figured out.
You will see…..






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