“We all bleed the same” or “Is that a feather in your hat”?

This blog is helping me to discover more of who I am. My ‘life’s-stepping-stones’ are becoming visible to me. ‘Things’ are ‘falling into place’ quickly, in my world.

I am not prejudice.
And, I was raised in an all white farming community in Michigan.
Our county was known for KKK activity and ‘lynching’ blacks.
That was life back then.
We have come a LONG way!
Everything is changing and change comes slow.

My parents raised me to NOT be prejudice.
They taught me early on, “we all bleed the same!”
As in my post, OMG-self, my parents wanted to ‘break traditions’.

I never associate ‘the body’ to who you are. I do not see it!
I connect to you, by my heart.

Here is the mirror which opened my eyes:

When my boys were in grade school, they shared a friend, Kory. (I always met my kids friends and the parents.) As the years went on, we were no longer strangers to each other.  One day, one of my kids mentioned that Kory was having a hard time with where he came from.

“Where he came from?” I inquired.

“He came from soul”, they told me.

“You mean, he has a soul”, I tried to clarify.

“No mom! Seoul, Korea. He is adopted. Can’t you tell?”

I had no idea that Kory was Korean and his parents were white.
I never saw it, until it was pointed out to me.
Then it was obvious.

06.23.13 super heart moon

So you see…..
I truly do not care what you look like or how you dress.
I am connecting to your heart.

For years, I have told people, “when I meet someone,
I ‘look into them’ and not ‘at them.”
Now I am understanding this much more.

And I suppose, there is a label that can be put onto this.
Go ahead if you want.
For myself, it does not matter.
It is what it is.
And that is okay.

This is who I am, just a bit different than most and
is that a feather in your hat?




  1. I’ve had this conversation quite a few times when I was teaching a graduate course called Cross-Cultural Communication and Understanding, mandatory in Florida for getting a teacher certification. I emphasize that it’s a graduate course, not something taken by college kids fresh out of high school, but older and (supposedly!) more mature people. It went like this: “Oh, so, professor, you don’t see colors? I don’t believe you!” “On the contrary, I do see colors, and they are different, and isn’t it beautiful that they are different? Look out the window, see a coconut palm tree, and a Sabal palm tree, and they are different too, and that’s what makes them beautiful. Otherwise our world would be utterly boring!”

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