how I quit smoking: Plan B

So much for my first attempt of quitting cigs.
That’s ok, I can try it again… in the near future.
Just because it did not work now, does not mean it won’t work later.

I took a break from trying to quit. Made sense to me!


It seemed, the more I tried to quit, the more I smoked. What is up with that?
It is said, that you must want to do something bad enough, before you can accomplish it. Guess I did not want to quit.

…and time went by….

The day came.
I wanted to quit.
I am ready to quit!
… and then the ‘self imposed test’ I designed
came into play.

Why? I ask meself. (that is the test. WHY?)

-The cost is getting ridiculous.
-Cigarettes were controlling my life.

  • Drive the car; smoke a cig
  • Eat a meal: smoke a cig
  • Wake up: smoke
  • Before bed: gotta have a cig
  • Who is in control here?
  • I am better than this!
  • and on and on….
  • and pray I never run out of cigarettes. That is a very insecure and frightening sensation. Grounds for a pure panic attack!

…why am I still smoking? It is time to move on to —

Plan B:

I will ‘cut down on the amount I smoke each day’.
Wean off gradually and then one day, no more CIGARETTES.

So, onto the journey of becoming a NON SMOKER!

Several weeks went by and
I forgot to keep track or wean down.

Forget it!
It is not time for me to quit smoking.
I do not really want to quit right now.
But I do!
Maybe not…
but I think I might… really?

… and time went on.

Join me next time…for my sure fire, award winning, Plan C



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