Characteristic traits; do I look like you?

This blog is helping me to discover more of who I am.
My ‘life’s-stepping-stones’ are becoming visible to me.
‘Things’ are ‘falling into place’ quickly, in my world.

Characteristic traits!

Who do you look like, in your family?
Or perhaps outside of your family?

Sometimes we see our ‘twin’ walk down the street.
Or perhaps we resemble a famous person.

Should you ask me, who I think you look like,
I will tell you, you look like you, of course.

I do not see characteristic traits in people,
unless it is extremely noticeable.

A baby is born, people admire him, “Look, he has Ted’s eyes and Martha’s ears.”
A baby is born, I admire him, “How precious! So tiny! How is mom doing?”

Years ago, when I still had family,
many told me that I look more and more like my mother.
I do not see it.
I will tell you I look like my mother, because others told me so.

I do not see the family resemblances that you see.
I seem to be ‘oblivious’ to characteristic traits in people.

heart 098

I tend to connect to people’s hearts, bypassing their appearances.
And that is okay. It is what it is.

Do you also have difficulty see traits in people?
Certainly I am not the only one.
That would be quite boring, for sure.




  1. Of course you are not the only one who sees the essence, not the presence. The difference is that you are not afraid to look for it, whereas most people turn their eyes away and prefer the superficial. And the trick is, eventually, to be able to see both because it tells you the truth.

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