how I quit smoking-best plan ever!

silva thin

In my previous post, “why I smoked” (READ HERE)….
I shared my feelings about being a smoker and a non-smoker.
True, I have been a smoker, longer than a non-smoker.
That is okay.
I have experienced both worlds.

Here is how I quit smoking cigarettes:

Okay, I am going to quit smoking cigarettes today!” I proudly tell my friends.

Heck, I knew I could quit… I had done it so many times before. No big deal.

By informing others of my intentions, I was making a verbal commitment to myself.
I feel it is very beneficial to speak out loud to my cells.  (learn more here).  And it can’t hurt.

Everyone was supportive and that was another reason why I told people. There is strength in numbers.

They knew how hard it could be to quit nicotine (and all the other added chemicals to cigarettes). Some had done it themselves and could empathize with my efforts.

Smoking cigarettes can be real hard to quit.

true govt testing

During my horrible years of stress and drama, I went to my doctor for a smoking cessation. I was smoking way too much, with the crap going on in my world. I knew no other way to handle the stress, at the time.

My doctor was in agreement to prescribe me something…however;
His advise was to not quit. Not right now.  Based on the load I was under, I would most likely be setting myself up for failure. He recommended I wait until things subsided in my world.

He was a compassionate doctor.

During a routine visit, he started off by letting me know that he had to lecture me about the hazards of smoking.  Insurance required it.

Then he said, “There is your lecture. You are intelligent. You know your choices.”

I thanked him for the respect.

So, onto the journey of NOT SMOKING!

Gonna be SMOKE FREE! – I boast to meself.

Four beautiful days go by and I am NO LONGER A SMOKER, until day 5 appeared.

Huh!  That did not go well.

Join me next time for Plan B



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