Do you have childhood memories?

This blog is helping me to discover more of who I am.
My ‘life’s-stepping-stones’ are becoming visible to me.
‘Things’ are ‘falling into place’ quickly, in my world.

I live my life differently, than most.

  • Do you have childhood memories?
  • Clear ones?
  • Do you recall what your friends looked like?
  • How their voice sounded?
  • Were they in your class?
  • What were the names of your teachers in grade school?
  • What is your earliest memory?
  • Do you remember where you sat, when eating meals at home?
  • Was your childhood home carpeted, tiled, wood?

I do not have childhood memories, like most people do.
That has puzzled me for my entire adult life.
I can recall ‘some situations’, it is not a total blank, darn close though.

There was no trauma for me in growing up.
I had a great childhood. Better than most.
I simply have very few ‘physical’ memories.

My friends today, (these are not my childhood friends)
can reflect on events in their childhood.
It amazes and baffles me. How can they do that?

I feel I am beginning to understand ….
Beginning to realize…. more and more.
My heart has always spoken to me.
Even as a child.

I was a VERY sensitive child.
I could clearly feel the emotions of others.
What their heart was emitting, I was receiving.

As if they became part of me…. of my heart and everywhere inside me.
My heart is where I ‘feel’ most experiences from.

pink heart - Copy

DO have childhood memories!
They are ‘different’ than most.
Many of my memories are heartfelt, within me,
rather than people or things from the ‘outer world’.
The things of ‘physicalness’, evades me, for the most part.

I am discovering,
my heart is how I have always connected to others.
Yeah, maybe so!
Crazy, huh?





  1. I also have fewer actual physical childhood memories than I think I *ought to*. I wonder, where the heck was I all that time that I have so few memories? Out of body? I did have a traumatic upbringing, in a home where anger and occasional violence ruled. I was able to deal with that by staying in my room where my blossoming imagination kept me company, and keeping as quiet as possible.

    The memories I do have are clear, of the home I grew up in. Wood floors, cool old basement. Lovely wallpaper and white shag carpeting in my tiny dormer room with the largest windows in the house, looking over my beloved (now gone) Elm tree, with it’s branches sweeping the heavens. My memories of houses and places are crystal clear. Time spent with friends and family (people) is fuzzy and yet I hardly can recall things even from my 30s clearly. My temporal (time line) memories suck and are almost non-existent.

    I think what is happening with you is you have your ‘heart memories’ which, as far as I understand you from your blog posts, is more of a *feeling/sensing* than a seeing/remembering. Like maybe you remember more how it felt, than picturing where you were and what you did. Since I’m a huge believer in everything is energy, (and vibes/feelings/sensings), maybe that is how you ‘remember’ things?

    Just my thoughts and ruminations on the subject.

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    • Thanx for your reply and explaining your memory experiences. Good to know of another with similar childhood memory lapses.
      Yes, you are right, I have more of a *feeling/sensing* memory.
      There is so much, that we just do not know yet.

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  2. Childhood memories make us who we are today. I am a big believer in ‘telling the stories’. Who wouldn’t want to spend ten minutes with their great grandmother to bring back the childhoods of yesteryear? Great post!

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