why I kept smoking cigarettes!

If you missed it, you may want to read
my prior post of why YOU should keep smoking’ (view here).

When I was a child in the 1960’s, it was social status, to smoke.
My parents smoked.
My grand parents smoked.
The actors on TV smoked.
I wanted to smoke, too!

camel filter
1972 Life magazine ad

Cigarette ads were everywhere.

You could smoke in the stores, restaurants, waiting rooms, etc.

At one time, doctors promoted cigarette smoking.

pic dr camel pic
an actual magazine page

And it all depends on what you believe.

I have personally witnessed ‘smokers’ who have had no ill effects from years of smoking.
I can find stories about people at the age of 90+, who smoked most of their life and claimed it helped with their longevity. They too, showed no signs of health hazards from smoking.

I have also seen ‘young’ people develop ‘lung issues’ which doctors claimed was from smoking cigarettes.

Who really knows?

For the most part, I found smoking to be enjoyable.
I was not deaf and blind to the medical news about the hazards of smoking.

To be perfectly honest,
I no longer held much belief in many of the ‘health’ studies we were presented with.
I no longer believed the horror stories of what cigarette smoking could do to you.

viceroy warns

Sure, I quit ‘off and on’ during my smoking career.
Usually my ‘quits’ only lasted a few days or weeks.

Oh, and when others would ‘preach’ at me
about the hazards of smoking,
I wanted to smoke more.
Besides, I was a big girl now.
I could choose IF I wanted to quit.
Or not. Leave me alone, please and thank you.

In my next post, I will share how I ‘kicked the habit’….

… and is it a habit?

Once recognized and acknowledged,
it is no longer a habit.
It becomes a matter of choice.

or is it an addiction?

Addiction: The false sense of Power.

That is up to you do decide.
For me, it does not matter what title is put on it.
It just is, what it is.




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