I listen to my heart, not the heart.

I often write about my heart.

~ My heart is the ‘measuring stick’ for balance, in my world.

~ I listen to my heart, not my brain.

And when I say ‘my heart’, I do not mean my physical beating heart.

I started to think about feel into that last night.
I reflected on my past wordings.
Are my readers taking me, literally?

I say ‘heart’, because that is what it feels like,
even though the sensation is not ‘located’ in my physical heart.

During the past three plus years,
I was blessed with living within the woods of northern Michigan,
surrounded by woods and water.
I love being with nature.
Nature use to be my ‘therapy’, now it is part of me.

plenty of water
photo by Heath  –  Lake Michigan

While experiencing my life up north,
many times my heart would grow and expand outwardly.
Sometimes I felt like the energies
that were being emitted from my chest,
would cause me to explode.
It was a beautiful feeling, sensation…

It was a true sensation.
Anything love and/or compassion based,
would ignite the pulsation of my chest.
I could feel my whole body begin to ‘glow’.
My cells were ‘bubbling with joy’.
I loved the sensation.
I still do not have the words to describe it.
And that is okay.

night skies
photo by Heath

I still experience the heartfelt expansion and happy cells.
Now it is part of my life. I live with it 24/7.
The ‘novelty’ wore off,
the sensation ‘calmed down’
or I simply adjusted to it and
it is now part of my New Normal.

In other posts I have said,
‘Heart Center’ or ‘Heart Chakra’,
grasping for words of clarity.
My post, “Has she gone out of her head!?!”
describes a bit more detail of my ‘heartfelt’ ways.

Chakras are something I learned about on this journey.
I fully believe that there is more to Chakras than we can imagine.
I say that, solely based on my own experiences
with some of my other Chakra points.
And why I did not make the full connection
with my Heart Chakra until now…? Go figure….right?
“The most obvious is the least seen?”

Today I googled Heart Chakra.


That is exactly what I experience.
My (non-physical) Spiritual Heart.
I should have known!


Check out the article of this Heart Chakra image at this link:
Padmacahaya the International Institute for Inner Study

I am forever discovering more of who I am.
This blog is helping to unveil more of my truth.
A truth that is forever changing.
Forever evolving.




    • Poetry, to me, has intended rhymes.

      I use to create ‘incidental’ writings for friends, family. Like my greeting cards, they were written special for them, packed with heartfelt meaning.

      The content contained ‘pieces of them’, composed into a ‘rhyming short story’. I had lots of fun making those and it took a LOT to create one.
      Thank you again! I truly appreciate your interactions. ren

      Liked by 2 people

      • Poetic outlook on life and a poetic expression of your vision of life. Rhymes sometimes contribute to that expression, but they are not at all necessary. “She rustled by me as a fragrant apple brunch brimming with flowers and fruit” is from a novel, but it’s pure poetry. Think about it: flowers and fruit cannot possibly be on that branch together, yet it is the author’s poetic vision that transforms the natural way of things in the world.

        Liked by 1 person

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