why you should keep smoking cigarettes!

Generally, you do not read about why you should smoke cigarettes.
Now you are.
As a smoker of 40+ years,
I can relate to those who smoke cigarettes!

v s slim

I also recently quit smoking.
I can relate to those who use to smoke cigarettes!

I have walked in both worlds.

and About anti-smoking…

Are you tired of all the anti-smoking campaigns?
Hounding us on how bad smoking is to our health?

In turn, smoking is condemned with a high cigarette tax.
“Pay more to kill yourself!” … is part of the message I get from that.
The other part is, how the ‘dark consciousness’ rakes in that wealth.

Something is wrong with that scenario.
Where is the love and compassion?

If cigarettes are truly that bad for our health,
then why are they allowed on the market?
Many other products have been successfully banned.

Go ahead and smoke.
Keep being mindful of others.

I did, for over forty years.

As I watch you inhale that draw of smoke,
I can relate to how good it tastes and feels.
I remember what it was like, when I enjoyed smoking.
Now I watch others smoke.
That is why you should keep smoking cigarettes.
Thank you.

Soonly, will brief you on why I kept smoking.




  1. There is a Steven King’s short story about it, and I can’t remember the title! I can hate myself when this happens, but then I remember the words of a famous rabbi: “If you are meant to love others, you also have to love yourself.”
    Ren, I love you girl, and I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I love your blog, and I sincerely hope you accept the nomination. You can see the rules in my post Sunshine Blogger Award #2 https://koolkosherkitchen.wordpress.com/2016/08/08/sunshine-blogger-award-2/


    • Oh Wow! Thank you for such wonderful compliments of me and me blog. You are precious!
      I had to sleep on this ‘nomination’ you presented me with. I am truly, heartfelt honored, that you have considered me for this award. And I will decline for now.
      It is not ‘in me’ right now to accept and participate in ‘Awards, Challenges and the likes’.
      I do pray you understand my standings. Perhaps I will feel differently, ‘down the road’.
      Thank you so much for being you and I LOVE your creations on your blog. You are very talented/gifted in foods. Plus, you are a beautiful soul. ren

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sweetheart, I fully understand and I am not offended in the least. I wanted to make a point of honoring people who deserve to be honored, and if they don’t have the time or the inclination to go through this whole process of self-and-others promotion, it makes no difference to me! As long as you and others see your name and get the link to your blog – that’s what counts. Be well and accept my love and blessings!

        Liked by 1 person

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