I was raised without a religious belief.
Not ‘Antireligious’.

My parents encouraged me
to explore ‘religion’.

Decide for myself, what to believe.

So I did.

I experienced several denominations through friends.

I witnessed adults who lived a ‘worldly’ week,
knowing that going to church,
would erase the wrongs.

I discovered there was a God, behind religion.

Each religion seemed to have their own way to worship their God…
which was actually the same one God… maybe….?

“Who is this God?” – I often asked myself.

Throughout my childhood, this is what I discovered about God:

  • He is of Love, He also has wars and kills.
  • He is caring, yet He will take my loved ones from me.
  • He is all knowing, I know nothing.
  • He is a he, but I can never set eyes upon Him.
  • I must obey His written word, or burn in hell.
  • He lives high above the clouds, I am little on Earth.
  • I am to fear God All Mighty, and always do what is right.
  • There are also a lot of rules to follow,
    in order to be worthy in God’s eye.

That  seemed like a lot of work, remembrance and not very good odds of succeeding.

photo by ren

As I entered adulthood,
“I had my own personal relationship with God”.
(That is what I told people, so they would not talk religion with me)

steepledphoto by ren


The whole religion thing never felt right to me.
Rarely did it resonate with my heart.

I could sense the genuineness within congregations.
I could also see the divisions amongst them.

email godphoto by ren

How could there be so many churches and beliefs?
The competition of who’s church you joined,
became a community battle.
A mini-war.

Not to mention the perplexity of ‘Bibles’ on the market.
My years of research revealed several discrepancies regarding
accuracy of what we call, the Bible.

photo by ren

So, who is this one, that some of us call God?

What I discovered is, that depends on what is true for you.

I have found what is true for me. I use the word God in this post,
so as to alleviate any confusion.
In my own world, I refer to God, by many names.
“a rose by any other name, would smell as sweet.”

I have come to understand, that God is within me.
He is part of me, deep within my cells, within my DNA.

I am not this physical body.
I am a spiritual being, having a human experience.
and ONLY the experience, is real!
Through free-will, I can choose which experience to have next.
I am truly more powerful, than I know.
I believe we all are.



    • Thanx! My parents were…unique wise in many ways.
      Huh, you may be right about those laws. Amazing! Thank you for sharing that, I did not know.
      And…??? you love my poetry? I have not purposely published poetry.

      Liked by 1 person

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