…not your everyday Joe (renagain card)

I love Joe dearly, whom I gave this handmade Christmas card to. We have known each other for decades and find a way to tolerate one another. (said with love)

Joe is one of the most gifted and talented people I have ever met.
He is “Jack of All Trades and Master of them All.”
That is how I have come to know Joe.
He seems to wrap himself around and
absorb into everything he does.

Joe can do most anything with wood. It is amazing to watch him create something from nothing.

flat screen cabinet
Joe designed and created this flat screen TV center.
cup holder
Cup holder Joe made me for Christmas


folded ham n cheese omlette potatoe patties n toasted english muffin
folded ham and cheese omelet, potato patties and homemade toasted English muffins

Joe is FOREVER ENTICING me with images of his cooking’s…..

1  2
3  4




nessie pizza
Joe’s Nessie Pizza. Can you find the Loch Ness Monster on this pizza?

Joe can play an array of musical instruments.
He has even made his own instruments over the years.
The following dulcimers are what he created out of some ‘scrap wood’ he had laying around. Really? Yes, really!
dulcimer  dulcimers

Joe and I live across the country from each other. He grows his own vegetables in containers, which he finds very useful. He can easily drag the pots in and out of the sun, as needed. He has a variety of fruit trees also.
He helps to make me more aware of what my food looks like as it grows, which helps me to be more mindful of my food, when eating.

pineapple flowers
Pineapple flower
Pineapple Baby
Pineapple baby
banana flower
Banana blossom


nessie pizza - hint
As talented and gifted as Joe is, he is a man with an attitude.
As much of an attitude Joe has, he is a doer and he gets things done.
I have never seen a road block stop him. He just plows through them all.
Every ‘problem’ has a ‘solution’, is how Joe lives his life.
And yet, I feel, Joe is a man with an attitude.
So, he got this Christmas card from me one year.

You can read how my cards are made and view the other items,
at my Handmade Creations page HERE.

1 front x bucket list
2a inside l x bucket list
(inside left)
2b inside r x bucket list
(inside right)


3 back x bucket list





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