my ‘E=MC2’ changed ~?~

Apparently, the following equation,
has been around for quite a few years:


I probably learnt it in school, forty-some years ago.
And science was not a subject I loved.
…and time went on…

Monkey Guy always listens to me

Then…as my own children grew,
nearing their adulthood…
I was faced with that formula again:


It caught my attention this time.
I now saw the ‘=’ sign.

Everything is Energy?
I am Energy too?
Huh! How ’bout that?
…and time went on….

another look

Then one day,
I really took that equation to heart,
for what it really meant (to me).


I AM energy!
I am not this physical body!

This body simply allows my spirit being,
to experience life on Earth.
…. and I was lifted onto a cloud,
where I remain today,
and I have never looked back.
….and time went on….

my cloud 1

Today, I look at Energy, differently,
or maybe just from another cloud.

I am Energy!
Everything is Energy.

Even Consciousness?


Consciousness is everything.

You can have Consciousness, without Energy.
You can not have Energy, without Consciousness.

Okay, so, let’s shorten this up a tad:

IF Everything is Energy
Consciousness is Everything
Consciousness IS energy.
you can’t have energy, without consciousness.
Consciousness IS.
I am consciousness.

my cloud 2

Today, I believe a person’s consciousness,
becomes part of what ever they put their energies into.

Where as I use to believe it was a person’s energies
that remained with certain items.
…and time went on…

my cloud 3




  1. My mantra “Everything is Energy” comes from my years after the divorce. I firmly believe even emotions are energy. You hit the nail on the head. I love your story better (than mine) about this discovery! Yay!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, …. actually…. this is the condensed version of my energy story.
      Where I added “…and time went on…” that is the rest of the story. 🙂 I also had my turbulence of arriving to today. And good riddance to it, for it will NEVER return to my world ever again! That is a FUN FACT! 🙂
      Thank you for your comment. I do appreciate the interaction. ren


  2. Wow, Ren, you really hit me on this one. Without a doubt, consciousness is energy,but conversely, it would mean that when one feels drained of all energy, one has no consciousness, and that’s actually so!


    • It is so, to a degree, but and however, please let me add… I believe, “to have no consciousness’ is more metaphoric, rather than literal.
      If consciousness is everything, then consciousness cannot be taken away. Because it is, what makes everything else. Everything comes from Consciousness.
      It is like, ‘The One is the All, and the All is The One’, with The One, being Consciousness.
      Is this making sense?

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      • Perhaps it is not to be defined? We are of a society, who wants to ‘label’ and ‘compartmentalize’ most everything. Maybe there is more to the mental and emotional disorders, than we know. It might just be, they are literally, ‘in another world’, within themselves. I believe autistics live in a non-3D world, within themselves. And once in a while, they peek into this world and it scares them back into the safety of their own world.
        And, I tend to look at the world, different than most.

        Years ago, our state shut down our State Hospitals. That’s where they locked up the abnormal human beings.
        Doors opened. Out onto the streets you lovely people must go. (exaggeration)
        Many came to the nursing home I worked at. The building was divided in two: Half geriatric. Half mental/emotional disordered geriatric.
        WOW! Working with the State Hospital people was like ‘being in another world’. Especially during a full moon.

        Years before that, I worked with mentally/emotionally impaired children. The love that most of those kids possessed was expansive! Genuine! And yet, they were ‘labeled’ as the misfits. And the full moon affected them also.

        So, I will take the easy way out, in answering your question, and say,.. “We do not know, what we do not know.”
        And one day, I believe we will have answers to questions like yours.
        Thank you for this interaction. I greatly appreciate it.:-) ren (forgive my lengthy reply)

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      • Dear Ren, I appreciate your lengthy reply. I worked with severely emotionally disabled children for many years, and in many ways I tend to agree with you, especially regarding autistic children. So without getting into religion, I will quote my great-grandfather, the Rabbi of a little town in Ukraine, who used to answer my incessant questions with,”And at this point, we ask no more questions…” Even as a child, I understood that the answers do exist but are not revealed to us, which shouldn’t stop us from asking questions. I appreciate both your posts and the exchange of thoughts.

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