I gave a pole dance for Christmas. Seriously! (renagain card)

I randomly make ‘specialized’ cards for the people in my world.  Quite often, the card will have hidden meaning to the receiver.  My cards are carefully thought out and then thrown together with the ‘mindset of a child’. That is the funnest part.

My card stock is generally printing paper, folded into quarters.
Quite often, I will cut one edge of the ‘card’ in a wavy pattern.
This helps:

  1. to eliminate the ‘sharp’ 90 degree corners, giving the card a ‘softer’ reception.
  2. to eliminate the need for precise straight edge cutting.
  3. to fit the card into a small, store bought envelope.  I have been known to make my own envelopes, for larger cards.

The images are generally torn or cut from magazines and flyers and glued onto the card.

I also save and reuse cards I have received.  Often re-gifting them back to that person, the next year.  Rarely does anyone catch on that it was originally, their card.  I don’t think I would remember what store bought card I sent you, the next year.

This card I made at Christmas time, for a dear friend who spends his free time fishing.


1 pole fish front

Dogs are listening to the birds say,
“What I love most about my life—“



2 pole fish inside close up

…..that’s not quite what they mean.”

3 pole fish back


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