everything is changing, weather we no it or not

3 is 4

Everything is changing!
And change comes slow.

At some level, all humanity is aware of the change.
We are experiencing a shift in human consciousness.

In a ‘nut-shell’, that is what 2012 was about.

Humanity, as a whole, has been slogging to the top of a huge mountain, called Life.
We reached its apex in 2012 and we collectively chose to go forth.
We started the plunge down the other side of Life,
into uncharted territories. …without ever looking back.

Here we are today, snowballing forward at an exponential rate.
Traversing downward at such a speed, time is melding.

All humanity is aware of the change, at some level.

What is changing?

everything is changing

The change in weather is a prime example.
All of us have experienced or observed, changes in the weather.

I live in Michigan, USA.

Our winters are changing. 

Winters are not as long. Each year, winter is later in arriving.
Spring comes early  with buds and birds.
Then we get a freeze, it really is not spring yet.
Buds and birds do not fair well with freezing temps.

The snowfall is less and it comes late in the season. Temps become subfreezing, the winds are harsh.  My heart goes out to the animals and plants that depend on the cold and snow to ensure their continuation. Our snow is their insulation. Without it, they can perish.

Michigan summers? 

The storms are different.
Instead of lightning and thunder;
There’s a series of beautiful lightning strikes in the clouds.
On going for nearly an hour at a time.
No sound.
Just a colorful light-show of puffy softness.

Other times I will hear a continuous soft rumble of thunder.
No lightning.
Just a drum roll of nature.

Sunsets now cast a rose/amber hue across the land,
with skies full of purple and crimson.

It is not just Michigan. 

Weather is changing everywhere.
There are benevolent reasons for these changes.

These are truly exciting times to be living in.

2a inside l x everything changes
. . . and change comes slow






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