Things change, when I look at them differently… Know what I mean?

Rita stopped by for a visit and she seemed down.
She was upset with the senseless death of her friends’, 9 year old sister. The child was playing in her yard, when the stray bullet found her. Never before had such a thing happened in that neighborhood.

Rita was befuddled, “How can this be? It makes no sense. She was just playing.
Many of my friends have died young. They were never able to do the things I have done. How unfair!  That is so senseless. Why do they have to die so young?” She turned to me, shrugged her shoulders, ” How do you deal with it?”

Rita, nearing 30 years of age, has no children of her own. She is content with the single life.  We have had many talks over the years, on a borage of topics.

One such topic was death and dying.  Rita is also of the understanding that there really is no such thing as death. We transition on, leaving the corporeal body behind.


“I feel, it depends on how we choose to look at it,” I began.
“Yes, loosing a young life, saddens me.
I choose to hold compassion for the incident.
Compassion and love (positive energies)
rather than
hatred and fear (negative energies)”.

“I believe we incarnate to Earth”, Rita was nodding, I continued, “choosing the life we desire”.

Some of us, choose a life, knowing it will be shortened.

Shortened for a reason:

  • Perhaps to help raise public awareness of senseless street crimes.
  • Or to bring light to a new disease.
  • Maybe to help demonstrate the dangers of certain drugs, pollutants, processed foods.
  • It really could be anything.

“Think about it, Rita. They are willing to ‘sacrifice’ their ‘experience’ on Earth, for the good of all”. I went on, “I find that action to be very noble and it warms my heart. What beautiful brave ‘souls’.  And I thank them!”


“Besides, I am a firm believer that everyth…”
… and Rita joined in…
“everything happens for a reason”

With a laugh
and a warm hug,
Rita was on her way,
with the bounce back in her step.



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