O.G. the Owl

O.G. the Owl ~ late December 2015 Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

I was living in northern lower Michigan when my adult son chose to pay me a surprise visit.

As he was driving north, he got a ‘gut nudge’ to detour. He had never driven over the infamous, five-mile long, Mackinac Bridge.

mighty mac by day
Mackinac (MAK in aw) Bridge connects Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsula


It was a beautiful December day…. he followed his gut and headed towards the Mighty Mac … and spent the rest of the day there.

Mighty Mac night
The Big Mac opened for traffic in 1957

Soon after he entered the Upper Peninsula, he felt compelled to park his car and walk the piers by the lake.  He did not know why, but he knew not to ask questions or have any expectations. When the ‘gut instinct’ kicks in, you learn to listen.

And there it was. Pier #3. It called out to him, so he turned and walked its length.  As he walked, he took in the essence of the huge lake. How beautiful the scenery was.  The air was fresh, crisp and invigorating.

As he reached the end of Pier #3, he stood there a  moment, gazing out at the waters.  Then he discovered why he was there.  The beautiful Snowy Owl was practically next to him.  It was perched on the pier, just staring at the human.  They became frozen in time, eye to eye.

The camera hung around his neck, forgotten. He was mesmerized, entranced by the eyes of that owl. He could only stand there and take it in. It was very moving, beyond words.  It was as if, they were connected.

As the owl lifted for take off, the spell was broken. He grabbed his camera and started clicking, as the owl flew off.

O.G. leaving

Due to his surprise of the encounter, he calls the owl, O.G.. As in, “Oh Gee!”

We rarely see Snowy Owls in Michigan.

I saw a Snowy Owl the year prior and felt blessed for the event. It was perched high atop the heat stack of a nearby house. I almost did not see him.

do you see owl
do you see the Snowy Owl on the ‘chimney’?



snowy owl dec 2014
this is a close up of the Snowy Owl on the ‘chimney’

Thank you for reading and sharing your comments.





  1. I’ve seen one also, not last winter but the winter before, here in Central New York State. I saw it flying at me and thought it was a seagull (which we NEVER see here). Then it got closer and I saw it was a Snowy Owl. Then I dreamt of them. I dreamt I was sitting on the ground next to my mailbox and there were about 4-5 of them circling around me, just out of arm’s reach. I was reaching out to them trying to pluck a feather. I was unable to get one but it was an incredibly vivid, beautiful dream.

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  2. I love owls, we have them in The Bahamas, but very rare to see one. My brother found a white one once and took it home, my grandmother made him take back. Owls are said to be sacred, some believe white owls are family members who’ve died and come back to bring us a message. The same is said of wolves, but we have no wolves in The Bahamas.

    Your son was very intuitive to make that detour, and a great photographer to have gotten such an awesome shot of O.G the Owl.

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