I am not talking about yourselves…

I have got to admit, I am pretty happy in my world today.
It was ‘hard work’ to get here.

No. It was not ‘hard work’.

Loving myself and spending time with me,
to discover more of who I truly am, is NOT ‘work’.
It is an on going adventure.

Hard? Yes, for me it was.
It does not have to be that way for everyone.
I believe we are in new energies today and it is now easier to love yourself.
You just gotta wanna do it. It is simply a matter of choice.

Unconditionally accepting and loving myself for who I am, was life changing for me.
The ‘doors’ started opening.


Loving oneself, is different from the norm.

Often, people will disagree, defensively saying, “I love myself!”
And that is okay.
When they truly figure out that they are ‘all that matters’ in ‘their world’,
and truly love themselves, discovering more of who they really are….
then they will no longer disagree.
They will ‘get it.’


 Yourselves vs Your Cells 

“Have you ever talked to your cells?”

When I ask that of others, most will respond with;

“I talk to myself all the time.”

“Why? Did you hear me?”

“When I was a child, I had an imaginary friend I talked to.”

When you read “Have you ever talked to your cells?”, there is no confusion.
Except for maybe…

 What the heck? Talk to your cells?  Really? 

Yeah. Really.

I started talking to my cells maybe 6 years ago.
I would ‘feel’ the words within me, from my ‘heart’, not my brain.

I love my cells for the great work they do for me.” 

I was falling in love with who I really am.
This body is not who I am.

Maybe three years ago, I took my ‘cell talk’ to a new level. 

I started speaking out loud to my cells.
Why not?
They do an awesome job.
They are forever recreating themselves and becoming new.
I am always changing.
And thank god I do not have to ‘think about it’.

I started talking out loud, to my cells, in the shower.

What better place to take full inventory of the great work my cells are doing? And so I spoke out loud, quietly and uncomfortable at first.
You can imagine, yes?
Today, I speak out loud to my cells, in or out of the shower, with normality and gratitude.


I believe that change comes slow.
Often times, we do not notice the change, until one day it just appears to us.

In about 4 months time of my ‘shower cell talk’, I started noticing changes.  My hair, skin, nails, etc. were healthier looking.  I felt great, inside, like there was a ‘happy party’ going on. I learned how to ‘listen’ to my body also.

As I continued talking to my cells, my life kept getting better and brighter.
Now, it is part of my ‘New Normal’.

I love my cells and myself.

Is self-cell-talk something you ever tried? or have heard of?
Give me some feedback. I am curious how people feel about this.
thanx, ren



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