+50 followers {THANK YOU} and what about the octopus?



When I started this blog journey, four years ago…
I knew I could not do it and
it would be really hard and
who was I to think I could write, not to mention,
who would want to read it and
the experience was horrible.
It totally sucked!
So I quit.

storm has passed


When I started this blog journey, last month…
I knew I could do it and
I love challenges and
I knew I could write, not to mention,
I’d be grateful if only one person ever resonated with what I wrote and
this experience has been enriching.
I feel more enlightened.
So here I am….

dance of joy


Celebrating life with
50 wonderful individuals,
who are supporting me, in my continuous life journey.
I am extremely grateful and
thank each and every one of you.
Dolphin Grins and
Octopus Hugs
to You All!

50 follows 07.26.16
Thank you everyone


I would like to pay tribute
to the 50th ‘soul’
who clicked on board with you.

If you have not discovered her blog yet,
please take some time and
mosey on over for a visit.
She warmed my heart…..

The sum of life is the total (view here)
She has a valiant journey to share
as she redefines life,
in the face of death.
She has become an inspiration to me
of someone who has figured it out!
She has discovered the importance of loving yourself.
{Ain’t NO BODY else EVER gonna love you, like YOU can}

I am blessed that our paths crossed.
Thank you for connecting with me. 🙂
and following your heart.
In honor of that connection and
for being who you truly are,
I give you this:

true freedom







  1. Wow! I sincerely thank you! I’ve done some hard work, very hard work, and I’m still a piece in progress. Thank you so much for recognizing that ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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