it is NOW ! not later….

I want you to understand,
I am not a scientist. {big surprise, right? :-)}
My explanations may be crude at times.
Always feel free to jump into the comments and help me out.

With that said….let’s get started.

One day, my young teenage son said to me,
“Mom, did you know that ‘time is an illusion’?”
When I asked him, “What the heck are you talking about?”,
he said, “Time isn’t real”,
and walked away saying something like, “Check it out!”

This became his technique of introducing me to new experiences,
for over ten years now.

In the beginning,
he frustrated the ‘kaboocha’ out of me.
I wanted him to just explain to me, what he was talking about.
Not just give me a stinking ‘clue’!
Not just a few words and walk away!

My tantrums got comical, as I grumped through the house.

He would just grin and nod towards the computer.
Maybe shrug his shoulders,
as if to say, “…and who is the child?”

Some times, he would write it down for me,
when it was something I just could not fathom.

Like; ‘Psycho-cybernetics’.

As I shrug my shoulders and gaze at him,
as if to say, “…and who is the adult?”

Over time, I caught on and quit being so frustrated.

He simply wanted me to find the information that resonated with me.
He did not want to alter my perception, with his own beliefs.

He also knew, that not everything he would share with me,
would be of interest to me.
So why should he give more than ‘the tip of the iceberg’?
If I wanted to explore more, I could.

There really was nothing to be frustrated about.
It always was a matter of choice on my part.
Either I explore and discover more
or not.
Or I could choose to be frustrated.
That was a choice also.


You have heard that ‘Time is an Illusion,’ right?

I believe it goes back to Einstein and the Space-Time Continuum.
There only exists the present ‘NOW’ moment.
There is no yesterday (past)
There is no tomorrow (future)
There is only NOW.

time is an illusion
Time is an Illusion


You can put it to the test
right NOW!

Look at your clock.
What time is it?

It is NOW
and always will be,
It cannot be anything else,
but NOW.

I am creating this post
@ 1:11 pm 7/25/2016
You are reading this post
during your NOW moment.

Now, what can you say to that?
Do you ever think about this?



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