like 200 and we’re late for a Group Hug!

I would like to take a moment
and thank you all,
for liking my sharings.

200 likes 07.23.16

I am very grateful to each and everyone one of you
could not have gotten here, without you.

I am still in the two month newbie zone (if that is legal…
I did not find anything in support,
stating how long I c/should be a newbie –
Please direct me where to look, if I bypassed it)

I am finding direction for my writing.
My ‘training wheels’ will soon be removed. 🙂
(meaning: no more newbie status) (scary)

When I become a ?? non-newbie??,
will I be a blogger then? Hmmmm…..
(labels can baffle me sometimes)

Thank you for your patience with my creation
and desire to ‘like’ my posts.

Group Hug Everyone!
I deeply appreciate you all!
We should have hugged long ago,




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